Product & Service Briefs

Have a new product, service, or initiative that you need to promote? AHD Design develops product briefs, fact sheets, and case studies that are eye-catching, full of information, and can easily be emailed or printed on a single sheet of paper. Digital versions are interactive and include customized links. Please see below for a few of my recent projects.

Midokura  |  2016

For Midokura, I designed a 2-page PDF fact sheet to highlight their signature product, MidoNet. With screenshots of the user interface, and a sidebar full of exciting features, this document gave readers a wealth of information in a digestible format.

Zetta  |  2015

This data sheet for Zetta, a San Francisco-based company that provides cloud-based backup solutions, needed to include a lot of information. To avoid information fatigue for the reader, I used icons, and utilized the brand’s own colors to chunk information into smaller sections. The result is an easy to read document that gives a comprehensive overview of the company’s services.

Leadspace  |  2015

Leadspace works directly with clients to help with marketing and sales performance. They needed a case study format that highlighted the experience of their clients as well as emphasize the role of the company. I designed this case study format that was able to adapt to a series of client experiences through the year.

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